Zoom Image in Lightbox – Smaller than 800px?


Maybe there is already a topic on this but I could not find it.

Is there any possibility to reduce the size in lightbox to less than 800px?
For my taste the box is too large.

Please check here. But! you have to dive down to August 3 and August 10. Next to the picture there is a box with a three line poem. I would like to have a smaller box! Please! – Smile.

Greetings from Berlin.


Link: http://www.henriekestrecker.com/dialogue.html

Please dive down to the ocean floor!

Hello Henrieke

You can make the original image smaller than 800px, use the size you want for zooming in Lightbox. Then it should work …


Hello Konrad,

Thank you so much! That was very helpful!
I have another question.

Do you know how to remove frame and shadow around the box? I want that my text is standing without any frame on the page.

You would have to scoll down to August 3. Right circle (text).

Thank you!

Greetings from Berlin to the Swiss Mountains!



Hello Henrieke

Right now (with Sparkle 2.8) there is no possibility to remove the shadow around the image in the Lightbox. At least I don’t know how … :thinking:

If you choose the “Light” (white) background, you will see the shadow, if you choose the “Dark” (black) background in the Lightbox, the shadow will not be so noticeable … especially if the opacity is set to 90 or higher …

So we will have to wait and see what changes Sparkle 3 will bring …

Greetings to Berlin! :smile:

(currently not in the Swiss Mountains …) :palm_tree: :sunglasses:

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Good evening Konrad. Thank you! Much appreciated.

For the text I created a picture in Photoshop. Background color “off white”, text dark.

Actually I wanted that the text “floats” on the white screen without any frame. That would be more elegant.

It seems I have to wait what changes “Sparkle 3” will bring.

Stay healthy, wherever you are.



Thank you very much, Henrieke … I wish you the same: Stay safe, stay healthy … in these weird times.

And until next time … here in the virtual world. :wave:


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