Zoom on over & slow change

Hi Duncan, two points Pls.

  • When can we have the zoom on hover effect in sparkle app. It’s been long time awaited now.
  • Also in case we want slow changeover effect (with due speed control in the hands of user) on buttons/text on hover then what’s the possibility.

These are very basic requirements, Sir, but very effective and will add phenomenal elegance to the websites.


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I’m keeping my fingers-crossed that we will see this soon! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestions.

Thanks Duncan,

Any tentative timelines you are having in your mind Pls ?

Sorry we never comment on timelines.

No, my question was simple. If we could ever get this functionality in coming months/year & that too as per your convenience so that we should further invest time on this app.

It’s a great tool but as per our clients response they need to be more responsiveness. As per the current scenario either it’s too swift or absolute non responsive.

I see your point @Mandheer.Singh
All what I can contribute is that I have been using Sparkle for nearly three years now and I have witnessed really big improvements over that time.

I feel in no way that Sparkle is going to stagnate.
Duncan & Daniel is constantly tweaking and ironing out bugs in-between major updates so that could also be why timelines are not commented on.

Anyways just my take coming from an experienced Sparkle User’s angle! :slight_smile:

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