Zoom tool query

Hi –

Does anyone know if there’s a way to retain the zoom percentage across pages?

I’m working on the mobile version of my site and while working would prefer to keep it on 200% but as I switch from page to page it goes back to 100% which is really frustrating. It would be great if there was an option / toggle switch to keep it at the same percentage all the time.

@Gordie, this is not possible at the moment in Sparkle…

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This was requested some time ago - and also several times - but has not yet been realized.

Maybe it’s time to create an update with such requests and get it on the way.

I am also annoyed every time the selected zoom factor is reset.


Oh dear I hadn’t realised how difficult things like this make designing a site, especially when working on different screen layouts. Going from Desktop to Mobile is painful, elements are everywhere and need re-styling once again from scratch.

Bizarrely I’m finding some text has different tracking – and it’s in the middle of a paragraph. If I click on a text box and select all of the text I am told the Tracking is zero. Yet I can see one word is tracked to -0.9 and when I select that word it tells me so. It isn’t helpful because selecting all of the text should show the Tracking field as empty, to let me know something is wrong somewhere with the text.

Making the site mobile is like starting again…

Okay so I found out how to deal with text which has some Tracking set to one value and some set to another. By selecting all the text in a text box and just touching the Tracking slider, all Tracking resets itself to the same value. Bizarre but it works.

I wish there was an option. I use the Apple included option for zooming in an out. command and + or command and -
Perhaps this helps you.