1 page will not not centre / align?

I have a small site that 1 page moves in relation to the others when I move through the site.
I have hi lighted the box and gone to the arrange tab. All the positions & sizes seem correct.
This site was originally imported from an older dreamweaver site I had.
The site is www.musicare.net.nz and the offending page is Cables.
Any thoughts would be gratefully received. I’ll also tidy the rest of the site once I get this working correctly


Looking at it @wbfnz I see mis-alignment issues.

Your Keys page moves towards the navigation plus the word “Keys” moves as well in the navigation button. Your heading “Cables” is a larger font then the other page headings. That is probably your culprit!

Thanks for such a prompt reply. Good to have other eyes look at it. You were correct the heading
was too large. I re -sized it but the page stills moves left.

I would click on all your text elements on your Keys page and then use the alignment tool to left align, and then move all the elements in place… slightly more to the right.

Thanks. Have done that but still have 1 page not lining up.

So there might be other issues a foot here. Very hard to know without seeing what is going on.

Maybe it would be best to contact @duncan explaining what is going on and send across your Sparkle file for him to take a look at - feedback@sparkleapp.com

Thanks again for your help. I went through my site again today and changed things.
You were correct with your thought on left justify, but this was not in the text boxes.

With sparkle open and the right hand panel showing page at the top, down the bottom there is an alignment section. Some pages were not set to left align. Re-setting this on ALL pages then checking the page layouts, it is now working as I want it.

Thanks again for your help and making me look harder at all the available settings.


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