10to8 calendar integration

I haven’t been able to find anything regarding integrating the 10to8 calendar. It is asking for a widget ID. When I click on the “Question Mark” it goes to a “Page not found”. Ive scoured the internet and cant find anything. I’ve looked on the 10to8 site and there is nothing. Any help would awesome. A bit more information, I like the 10to8 interface and I do not use google for much of anything.

Thanks in advance.

Thanks for this. It appears 10to8 have changed their layout and it’s no longer possible to link straight to the page containing the widget ID, so we’ll have to change this in Sparkle.

For the time being you can get to the widget ID by clicking on Configuration, then selecting the HTML Widgets sub-section, and find the widget ID on the screen there:

Thank you! That worked perfectly.