3.0.8 breaks site (edit - sorry for my scare, was on my server end)

my site, is destroyed after upgrading to the 3.0.8 version, images dont upload, rollovers missing, text missing, delete cache reuploaded to no avail, the preview works perfectly, the publish site does not


@ozone, Everything looks correct on my end on desktop.
What doesn’t look ok is your tablet and mobile versions. That haven’t been optimised for these devices and so everything is squashed up and small.

I would check another browse other then the one you are using to see if you are getting the same results.

hi thanks for checking, its weird, as i went back andl ooked on several browsers and magically its appearing correct? didnt do anything but re checked after your comment. Also im looking at the multiple device layout, as I assumed it being flexible was handled automatically, but things do not appear as clearly as one would of thought, so looking into phone version of layout

@ozone, I think a lot of people are getting confused in how to work the devices in Sparkle3!

There are a lot of platforms out there that have you create a desktop (or mobile) website and through a lot of CSS programming in the background has the desktop website automatically scale down to tablet and scale down to mobile without the Designer having to do to much more. So the platform has done all the work but it takes the Creator out of the pilot seat when it comes to how the tablet and mobile layout looks and behaves. Some platforms will allow you to override the the tablet and mobile breakpoints with a lot of code tweaking but most Designers are not into that!

Sparkle is somewhat more manual and does give us total control (down to the pixel) of how the desktop looks and behaves, how the tablet looks and behaves, and how the mobile looks and behaves. We don’t have to override any code to do so and it is just a matter of rearrangement and size changes.

The “automatically scaled” that Sparkle allows you to do doesn’t rearrange your layout for that device, it just scales. So if you have a 960 device and you ask the mobile device to “automatically scaled” then everything on mobile will look small and not legible. But if you take your 960 device and now ask it to “automatically scaled” to the 1200 device then your 1200 device’s layout will look the same but scaled up to fit more the part of the 1200 device including the upscaling of the text.

So as the Designer of the site we need to think… I can’t use the 960 device and auto scale it down to 320. I need to “Custom Layout” the 320 device and then manually rearrange it and make things bigger and increase the text sizes so a user can easily interact with it and read the content. After that you can ask it to “automatically scaled” to a 480 device and things would look good.

So what I’m trying to say is “automatically scaled” only works when the device is the next inline like 960 to 1200, or 960 to 780, or 1200 to 960, or 320 to 480. The bare minimum in creating a Sparkle website is you need to create the desktop manually, and you need to create the mobile manually. After that has been done you can then consider to “automatically scaled”.

Longwinded I know but I hope it makes sense! :)…

Thank you, I didn’t realize (or properly read up on it) that if you select ‘custom’ for say phone, you are actually working on a separate/linked layout, and you dont need to create duplicate pages etc… so I did that and uploaded that version, looks much better on phone now! thanks for helping! (only issue, is video doesn’t really scale same as desktop, minor issue, and I dont think that’s something that easily scales without having different resolutions of the video per device, and if that can/should be done?)

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@ozone, That’s great news! :slight_smile:

Don’t forget if you need to then you can hide an element on a device, say the 320. You can also introduce a new element on the 320 device, say a video but don’t forget to go to all the other devices you have crated and hide the introduced 320 device video so it doesn’t show and is only unique to the 320 device.

Have fun! :)…

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I had the same thing.