A few words of praise and thanks

Every so often, you find a tool that is head and shoulders above every other one you’ve tried. Something that accelerates your workflow. Is seamless. And does exactly what you expect, when you expect.

The first time this happened to me is when I switched from a mouse to a drawing tablet.

The second was when I found Sparkle.

As another reviewer said, this is simply a god-send.

Thank you Duncan and the rest of the Sparkle team!

Chris Sands, Digital Director @ Ring2Media
Westport, CT


Hello @WebRoyal

Yep. I feel the same way.
And I am grateful for Sparkle’s ongoing development. Every release brings great improvements and new tools.


Hey Chris, many thanks for the kind words!

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@WebRoyal, Totally agree! A sound solid foundation has been laid down as a great start to a great product and it can only get more better over time! :)…


Praised be the Sparkle team.

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Since we are all praising Sparkle and Duncan & Daniele and their team, I would like to chime in as well. :smile:

Every day I work with Sparkle, I love its intelligent simplicity and the beauty of a well-conceived software. And of course the fact, that with each release it is improved and we see more and more tools and functionality. I’m excited about the upcoming 2.9 release and even more about the version 3 of Sparkle.

Just today I was reminded of how painful other web builders can be.

I have acquired new clients and they asked me to update their existing website. They don’t want a redesign right now, which I can understand. So I can’t use Sparkle for that project.

But their website is built with WordPress and that gives me a lot of headaches. :roll_eyes:

I’m no WordPress fan, I must admit, so I feel a bit of a resistance each time I have to immerse myself. In the end I usually get the result I was heading for. But to get there is a bumpy road plastered with frustrating experiences and the total lack of fun.

Working with Sparkle on the other hand is so much fun. And yes, Sparkle also has a few “rough edges” that need to be polished, but it sparkles already and as the icon clearly shows, it is a diamond in the making.

So thank you to the whole Sparkle team for all your work and effort. :trophy::+1:

We can’t wait to see what you will surprise us with next. :thinking:


WordPress is certainly painful in comparison, @Shadowfax!

Even with WPBakery Builder, it takes 10 times as long.

The only thing I’ve found to come close to Sparkle’s WYSIWYG is Unbounce, which starts at $99 PER MONTH. Compared to Sparkle’s native Mac programming and price-point, it’s a no brainer.


Yes. I’m sorry to say, WordPress is painful compared to Sparkle.

I don’t want to bash WordPress, but I shy away from web builders that are only available online.

To be able to work with Sparkle offline is another great benefit for me.


Yes, I loved Wordpress for almost 5 years; it’s gotten too big and bloated to do quick sites and landing pages. It’s great for things like large article sites and content sites, where it might outshine Sparkle (because there is no CMS management in Sparkle).

Recently I transitioned into a role at an agency, doing dozens of campaigns each week, and Sparkle gives us the ability to test quickly and put up new ideas within a day or less, which is critical when we’re running live TV ads. Before, it would take a week of planning and WP dev to do the same. Love this app.

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I find it fascinating to hear (read) stories from other Sparkle users and how they use it.

One of the big advantages of Sparkle is the speed with which you get an enjoyable result.

And the fun. Never underestimate the fun at work.

The best thing about Sparkle and their approach to web building is that it hews to what the Mac was originally created for. Just works, visually oriented, for the rest of us. They have stuck to this philosophy and I hope that continues. Sparkle does not design the site, it is the tool. It is not a one size fits all solution. However, anyone notice how so many sites all look identical? Not necessarily designed for how it meets the needs of the target audience, but how it looks. We all know sites that look like the 1990’s. Will there come a time when people will say, that’s so 2019? This will not be because of limitations of Sparkle, but limitations of imagination.


@gsstamas Yes, this one-page design aesthetic will disappear and be replaced at some point just like the past gen designs.

(I think it will next move to be single-screen minimal design, personally, influenced by voice search - so every “single screen” will be a short answer to the exact question you asked or task you want to perform. Nobody goes below the fold anyway. :wink: