A hardware question and an idea

Hello all!

First post, however I have been lurking for years so know first hand how much value this community brings to the Sparkle knowledge base.

I’d also like to publicly thank the ever patient Duncan who’s answered so many of my dumb questions over the years that I’ve lost count.


My current laptop struggles badly with Sparkle so I’ll be replacing it with something more up to the task. Perhaps the M2 MacBook Air which has got to be miles better than the ancient 2 stroke, pull start MacBook Pro I’m running now.

My question;

Is 8 gig of ram adequate for Sparkle or should I splash out for the 16 gig option? In my use case the only reason for a laptop is for designing the occasional website since all other productivity tasks are now done on a 12.9 iPad Pro, crazy I know.

Thanks to this single use scenario I’d prefer to keep the cost down by sticking to the 8 gig base option but am not afraid of paying the Apple tax on ram if it’s a good idea to do so.

I await the collective wisdom of the community.

On a related topic Duncan has stated that an iPad version of Sparkle would be awkward and unwieldy and I accept that but I wonder if a watered down version for uploading simple blog posts (and media) from a mobile device app might work. Probably not but thought I’d put it out there anyway.



I run Sparkle on my M2 Macbook with 8GB ram. is very fluid.

Thanks MiWe

I figured anything would be better than what I’m running now even if I do go with the stock 8 gigs on a new machine. I was just wondering if folks saw any differences in the performance of Sparkle with 8 verses 16 gigs.
Working in Sparkle on my current machine always has the spinning ball of annoyance. At times it’s almost unusable not to mention displaying a preponderance of non repeatable and strange behaviours of which I won’t bore folks with.

Generally, if you can afford the model with 16gb then go with that, more memory is always better.
When you run a graphic programs with simultaneously couple high res photos open, you could reach your limit very quick.

Sparkle 5.5 works fine on my mid-2012 MacBook Pro - but I do have 16GB RAM!

Thanks for the feedback everyone,
I’ll probably splash out for the 16 gig option, if nothing else but to have some future proofing against possible resource heavy apps down the road.

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you might wait couple more weeks, new MacBook’s with M3 chipset will be probably introduced, then you might get the M2 model cheaper.