A little report of my project

After long weeks of reflections, multiple projects, hesitations, transition from Rapidweaver to Sparkle, Sparkle to Rapidweaver, I decided for a few days to completely redo my site AN123 (currently realized in RW with Foundry: http: //art-numeriques-esa-stluc-bxl.be/) in Sparkle 2.8.2.
Starting from a model made in RW 8 with UIkit 3, I tried to get closer to the chosen template. But it was not to mention that there are still bugs, gaps still present and that we must make improvements in Sparkle. I am not negative. Only on the contrary. I would like Sparkle to continue to evolve while remaining what it is: simple and effective.
The list of requests may be long and tedious. And lack of order and consistency. But this is my testimony in progress of a site that is dear to my heart more than reason. He does not bring me anything pecuniarily. Simply a satisfaction of a job well done and passionate. Like my job as a teacher. Are you ready for my grievances? I will list them up and down in relation to the site. And sorry to repeat evidence.

  1. Be able to choose between a basic menu or a menu over the entire width of the window. No longer be limited to 1200px. And animate it too?

  2. Solve this damn problem of displaying images in an entire page gallery. What I see in Sparkle does not display correctly in different browsers.

  3. Why is the icon for zooming the image in the Lightbox not displayed in browsers?

  4. Have more controls on the label of the selected images. Why not the possibility to place this label in the 4 corners and in the center as for the icon of the lightbox? And can give it a background color (// like text boxes!).

  5. By the way, make the window of the layer action more readable to place this icon of the lightbox.

  6. Have more control over the points: size, spacing, … shapes?

  7. Same for the left / right arrows.

8. Why is the embedded code not showing up correctly in the browser while it is in Sparkle? (eg countdown with a 60px font-size that appears in Chrome at 12px?)

X. To be able to select several boxes to modify them …

X. Improve the interface of the color palette.

XXX. Following my complaints in the near future. I’m going to quibble visually in different interfaces to show what I want … for Sparkle 3.0, humbly, Duncan … and more work for me in the French translation! I do not ask for better! :wink:

To test the tentative model and understand what I said:


The gallery component has a few issues mostly in its use in full-width mode. We are painfully aware of them and we will be releasing all-around improvements. I don’t have a timeframe, but hopefully soon.


Evolution of the AN123 site, slowly but surely …

Sorry, really sorry Duncan, but this bug in the full page gallery is really annoying … it’s not really possible to use it right now.