A New Sparkle Template - Greenfoto Boss

I have added another template to my Flamin’ Fig template collection! :slight_smile: :man_dancing: :ok_hand:

The template is called Greenfoto Boss and is a one-pager with a number of sub-sections covering the needs of an online portfolio business. She is bold and edgy with a clean minimalistic layout with subtle animation to minimise distraction and showcase your wares!

Check it out and let me know what you think - Theme Kit 5 - Greenfoto Boss themed template 5


Looks great as always. Good job.

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Hey @MiWe, thank you for your kind words! Appreciated! :slight_smile:

One more template to upload this month and then I feel a November sale coming on!!! :balloon: :fireworks:

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Not completely on-topic but concerning the min-block template, can it be copied so I could make more than three of the units?

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Hi @stemperley, and thank you for your question…

Yes for sure you can!
The 3 Card Image Transition Mini-Block is in a Layout Block, so it is just a matter of copying it and removing some of the elements like the header and Let’s Go Shopping button.

Also be mindful of the instructions…
The Mini-Block has been created with 2 adaptive and editable website breakpoints…

  • 1200px [desktop, auto-scale]
  • 960px [laptop, editable]
  • 768px [tablet, auto-scale]
  • 320px [mobile, editable]

When you open your 3 Card Image Transition Mini-Block into a new Sparkle project file it is all good. But if you are dragging it into an already created project file then it has to reflect the above devices for seamless integration otherwise you’ll need to make a few adjustments.

Ok, I hope that helps in answering your question…
Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Ok it is live for the next 4 days! Our very first Flamin’ Fig sale!

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Your website will love you for it! :slight_smile: