A question for the great minds here. Shopify related

Dear Friends, I have been tasked with managing a big retail site that sells 60,000 items and love the idea of being able to create a front end in Sparkle to link to the back end store. I don’t know if this is possible at all. The current software that the site uses is BigCommerce which to me, is about creative friendly as Microsoft Excel. I have heard rumblings here that Shopify might integrate…or am I beating a dead horse here? Any advice on this from anyone who has hit such a wall?
Thank you for any tips.
Shawn B

Definitely not, use Shopify. You can customize a pretty big chunk of it, or even create a new front-end inside it. Just requires coding and whatnot.

That would be 60.000 pages you’d need to create manually for each product, with its price, descriptions, link to checkout, etc…

With lower product count, then yea you can do Sparkle front-end + Shopify buy-now button for each product.

Thanks for the tip man…makes sense. Do you have samples of any sites using Sparkle front-end + Shopify? I have another smaller retail site that I want to try it with.
Much appreciated.
Shawn B

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This is one of the last ones i did with Shopify (i’ve been using Woocommerce or Ecwid depending on client). Basically the buy now button leads the person directly into Shopify checkout to that specific product (a worskhop in this case).

This way doens’t work very well if you need to have cart (then i would recommend Ecwid since the cart & checkout process gets embed into your website and work flawlessly with Sparkle)


Wow that is a big number!

As @primo mentioned Shopify isn’t that friendly when it comes to independent website integration. They prefer you to go in-house and use their platform for your front end. They do offer you to embed BUY NOW buttons but for 60,000 items - Ouch!!!..

Shopify doesn’t even play nice with other ecommerce platforms when it comes to exporting/importing your shop to another platform! :frowning:

Ecwid is far more fairer and user friendly and seamlessly integrates with Sparkle.
Your client will do all the editing and uploading in their Ecwid account and everything updates on the Sparkle generated website without you touching it.

We’ve had a couple of clients using Ecwid and it has been a faultless run. With Shopify I’ve had them changing the BUY NOW button code on me messing up my client’s connection to their store! :frowning:

A couple of examples in the wild…

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