Ability to make Sections

In Unbounce and Landingi (and other builders) there is a way to make a “section”. Basically, you can create blocks for each section of your site, and then move them around as you wish. It’s similar to groups, I know, but there are a few differences -

  • If I make a single section bigger vertically, it moves every other section below it;
  • If I want to move a whole section, this is possible.

Why this may be a great feature for Sparkle is that it will allow us a faster way to re-order pages. The current workflow is good, but it would become exceptional with a section capability.

Any thoughts on this? Or does this already exist, and I’ve missed it? :slight_smile:

  • Chris
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It’s not currently available in Sparkle.

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I :heart: that you emphasized currently.

Creating reusable content blocks would be amazing where you could change out the text or image but the layout and design stays the same but can be added where you want. So design it once use it many times.

I hope this is what you are taking about

I had a thought… What if you dedicate one Sparkle file to everything you call “sections” or “blocks” and when you create a new project you pull out the pre-made “sections” from that Sparkle file and drop it into your Sparkle project file?

Yes, I currently do this. It’s amazing.

The sections I am talking about, though, are the ability to segment a page. Then, the ability to extend or reduce a section without affecting the elements inside of it. So, the size of a section could increase and keep the elements centered within it, and all other sections would be pushed down or up accordingly.

@WebRoyal, Yep totally get that and it would be a handy feature, especially when allowing clients to edit the content of their Sparkle file - they would not need to adjust the layout!

I do recognise the dilemma in this as now we have a pixel perfect fixed position for all the elements which is totally predictable, which would be in contrary when we start to introduce “relative too” moving elements.

@greenskin Well, it would be pixel-perfect within the confines of its wrapped section. :wink:

Advantages and disadvantages.