Ability to select which parts of text to preserve across devices

Instead of “all font elements preserved” across devices, the ability to select which ones stay preserved. Often, I want the text alignment to be different on mobile than desktop, but everything else to sync. So, I have to choose unsync most of the time. Not a critical show stopper, just a nice-to-have fine tuning.

(I suppose this could be done by managing my own custom CSS rules on my end though…?)

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Oh yes, that would be nice-to-have. :+1::slightly_smiling_face:

Different text alignment on various devices is something I also use from time to time.

@WebRoyal, Its not totally ideal but the solution would be to hide the text elements on mobile and then introduce new text elements that you can uniquely control on mobile, but you’ll need to hide the newly placed text elements from the other breakpoints, aka devices.

Maybe instead I can use custom CSS rule to force alignment below a certain breakpoint… ?

@WebRoyal, I guess you could but you’d have to do it for every page. The CSS we can slip into Sparkle isn’t global but on a per page basis.

I haven’t done it the way you are suggesting it for the mobile breakpoint alone but I would imagine it would be the same deal where you would need to hide the placed CSS on tablet and desktop?

Maybe make it global by calling an external CSS file with an embedded command. Would have to call the file in every page of course. But then it’s centralized.

@WebRoyal, Possibly? I haven’t tried that but it sounds like things could go wrong being it would be outside the Sparkle file environment, but let us know how you go! :slight_smile:

Good suggestions!

I can understand and empathise with the need to customise certain elements in Sparkle with an external CSS. I’ve also thought about it many times.

The reason why I’m not doing it is because if Sparkle adds these features later with an update, I’d have to rework the pages and remove or customise the external CSS again. So I try to work only with the existing possibilities of Sparkle, even if it means that I have to do without certain functions at the moment.

But I’m always interested to hear about your experiences and success with these customisations.