About text and image blocks

My Question is about text and image blocks:
Is it possible when writing in a block of text upstream of a page that the blocks of text and photos that follow automatically move downwards?
I understood that the question had been asked with a negative answer, but as I have a small problem in understanding the language, I allow myself to ask this question again.
And if it is possible how should we go about it?
Thanks in advance

@Kriskinou, Sparkle’s elements placed on the canvas are fixed in place. That means that they do not influence or move the elements around them or below them.

The benefit of this is that it gives the Designer total control over how their website looks without it being rearranges when viewed on a device.

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thank you for your reply
At this time can we “integrate” an image in the text, either on the left, on the right or in the middle so that the image is fixed in this position and that it moves with the text if we add phases at the beginning of this text?

@Kriskinou, Sorry no.

The text-box container (only allows text) will eventually turn red on the canvas when there is more text that the container dimensions allow so it has to be manually lengthened. The image container only allows images. You can group the two of them together but one will not influence the other…

thanks again
Too bad really. The site I am to make does not require a lot of expertise, but it is a memory site with a succession of text and images with a lot of pages. It is obvious that I will have to edit the text several times over time.
So as much as I drop Sparkle.
I should have asked before buying but it seemed so obvious to me… Fatal Error! :slight_smile: :frowning:
Good continuation
But if you can advise me a little software that helps me without going into a gas factory like Dreamweaver that I knew 10 years ago but which is really unsuitable for my small needs …

@Kriskinou, Sorry to hear that but after a while you get use to it. It is just another way to go about creating websites and in the end you have far more control over your result.

But I also understand your take.

Yes I can assure you I tried on three pages and relocate by hand all the images so that they stick to the text as agreed… It’s really tedious
One last question nor is there a way that I add some CSS code somewhere to fix this?
It’s really too stupid!

You could possibly do this with the blog feature. When you need to write something new you create a new blog page, then you never actually link back to individual blog pages, but their content is placed in the index.

Amusant ! :joy: