Active and not-active colours in menu?

Haven’t been using Sparkle for a while, just started migrating an old site into Sparkle now (needs updates, and don’t want to do anything in Muse anymore).

Got the Hambuger-menu working like a charm, but one things seems to escape me: how can I differentiate (= use different colours) between active and not-active pages in the menu. In the documentation there is mention of a “Custom ‍settings” ‍checkbox, but I can’t find that anywhere.

Looking forward to your help and knowledge… :wink:

Hi REBB, If you have a sections in the Nav Menu, then any sub pages can have the Custom Style settings. See my screen shot…



@rimram: tried with adding a section. And you’re right that this generated Custom Style settings, but setting a different font colour there doesn’t do anything (the menu settings seem to override whatever I’m doing.

Maybe a collection of buttons, instead of a automatic menu, will be the solution…