ADACompliant sites

Just wondering out loud if what we make with Sparkle has been built in compliance with ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) and W3 guidelines? A client raised this issue so am looking for feedback and discussion. Thanks!

@macmancape, In the most part I’ll let Duncan handle this, but from what I’ve read it seems somewhat a confusion when it come to ADAC and its implementation… and is ADAC an American thing?

I know here in Australia we have guidelines and we had a big case where the australian olympic website agency was sued big time because a visually impaired person was not able to use the site!

Part of my learning/training was to make sure website’s took into account how a visually impaired person would use it and accomodate for it, but in the most part it is a learned design approach that needs to be taken. For the most part Sparkle (and us users need to use it) allows for “title”, “description”, and text hierarchy (h1, h2, h3, h4, p, etc…) which is what the audio readers use to read a website’s content to an impaired vision person.

The only thing that I hope is added asap is being able to “title” a link which the audio-site readers use to describe to the user where the link will take them.


I’m afraid not. I am not an expert but there are a few areas where Sparkle has no support, for example keyboard shortcuts, or color contrast.