Add a forum to the website

Hi. I have a website project in which they are interested in including a forum within the website itself. The “client” (some colleagues) has asked me to consider doing it with WP and the forum plugin. There is confidence to do it as I see fit and I would like to do it all with Sparkle.
I have been looking at free and open source tools for creating forums and have found Flarum. It seems a bit complicated to install but I think I could do it.

Do you have any other suggestions?

Thank you very much for your help.

This forum software is also open source,

I am not familiar with Flarum, but the problem is modern web forums are relatively complex and self hosting them can end up being a full time job, might also be the case for Flarum.

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Thank you very much for the contribution, Duncan. I think this issue requires study and consensus with the client.

Hi Saeta,

I can suggest vanilla forums they are easy to install and manage plus it’s a lot more customizable and it’s written in PHP. I love Discourse and Flarum too but you need root SSH access to the server and a proper SMTP provider (as far as I remember). Google’s paid business email SMTP is pretty good. it comes in your plan I think. It’s like 6 bucks a month.

Vanilla’s download link is in their footer under Open Source but I’m leaving the link down below in case you need it.

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Thank you very much Matt.

I will look into it calmly and present it to the team.

My colleagues have the idea to make a private forum for internal discussions for the management of their project. They are looking to keep the threads accessible in one place but only to team members. So there is not going to be too much traffic and no need for large storage.
Hence the idea of using a free forum, easy to install and manage.

Again thanks for the heads up and the link to Vanilla. :beers: Indeed Discourse and Flarum require somewhat complex features and requirements.

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