Add table insertion

It would be great to support the inclusion of tables for better organisation of data or lists. Are there any plans for this feature?

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I would also appreciate a tool for tables in Sparkle. :+1:

In an upcoming project I will need to put a lot of data in rows and columns. Tables would be ideal for that.

I’ve been looking at other options like:

I could embed this code in Sparkle, but it’s not an ideal solution.

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@wienerhopf, Like Shadowfax mentioned for now embedding a table is the only way to go for now. Knowing Sparkle V3.0 will be a big iteration we might get tables but we’ll have to wait and see. For now you could do the following…

Place an “Embedded” container onto your Sparkle canvas and then place your table “html code” into the “Embedded Content” window on the right-hand side. Something like this…

<table style="width:600px; text-align: left; font-size:18px;">

You will then need to play with the inline “style” at the beginning of the html code for your font, font-size, colour, text-alignment, etc…

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Hi @wienerhopf, we don’t have a public roadmap and don’t really discuss upcoming features. Development time is always much longer than anybody imagines, and we don’t want to disappoint anybody with the timing.

In general there are very very few features we don’t want Sparkle to have, we think everything about a website should be possible to be done visually, so the answer is always “yes”, but the following question of how soon is not really possible to answer.

So for practical matters it’s best if you use and consider Sparkle to have the features you see it has, hopefully everything is properly documented.

Embedding the table code is far from ideal but I guess a feasible option.

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