Adding a ‘main color” to color chart

I’d like to add a main color to the top row of the color chart. I have all my Neutral colours set up. Is this possible? I’ve read the documentation.

Not really sure what you mean… add a new color swatch? That’s not currently possible.

You can’t add colours, but you can change the ones already there. Whilst it’s unusual in today’s world of web design to have a site that uses more than 7 colours, if it is something you really must have, you can change an unused colour from any section of the palette. Remember, that changing a colour will change the colour of all page elements already set up to use the changed colour - this is why it’s best to set up colour pallets before you start laying our your pages. Changing a colour will not, however, affect new projects - the palette will only be saved as part of the Sparkle project file you’re working on.


That’s the answer I was looking for. Thank You