Adding A PayPal Buy Button To My Website

I am in the process of re designing my website using Sparkle Pro. Before I could put in the html code in the source area using Blue Griffon or Kompozer, but these programs are crashing now.

I read about the “embedding,” but I am not sure how to insert the code on my web page.
I copied the code from my PayPal account that I had used before, but do I create a link, or a button to put the html code in.

Duncan has been a great help to me, but I thought that I would post this question to the Sparkle community.


You are on the right track! Once you have the PayPal button code which you generate on the PayPal account end you come across to Sparkle and place an “Embed” element. Once you do so and the “embed” element sits on the canvas you’ll see in the top right of Sparkle an area that is labelled “Embedded Content”. You just need to paste the PayPal button code into this area and once done you’ll see the “Embed” container change to your button which you can move around the canvas to where you’d like it placed… good luck! :slight_smile:


I was just able to do this a few minutes ago, it works great.

Thanks for your help.