Adding text to a popup

Sorry to be dense, but I can’t find where/how to add text to a popup.

What about “insert” → “text” when having the popup opened - or even more simple: just press “t”?

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Make your pop up a color, transparent, or the color of your choosing. Add text to the pop up, and group. Pop ups work well in Sparkle.

Hi Woodrow. I don’t see any way to input text, that is the problem. See attached screen shot. Is a text input supposed to appear when I do something?

Hi @Scott, the popup is a freeform canvas like the base page is. Just use any of the same tools to add text, boxes, images, etc. and they’ll land inside the popup.


Hi Scott, just press letter “t” on your keyboard!!!

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Thanks all. I was looking for something on the right side, and none of the documentation mentioned pressing “t”.

Thanks Duncan. I’ve always wondered if I can put pop ups within pop ups and buttons. Comparing a pop up to a blank canvass is a great comparison.

The ability to open a popup from a different popup has just been added to 4.0.1 by the way.