Adjust position of anchor points?

Hello, newbie here

Loving Sparkle so far but I’m having a problem with anchor points. When I use them the fixed header cuts off the top of the layout block so I lose the title and a bit of text. Is there any way to adjust the position of the anchor point to account for the sticky header? I don’t have developer tools, so hoping to do it without code…

Thank you!

Hi @MarcusJim and welcome onboard! :slight_smile:

Yes in the early days this got me as well…
I’m assuming your sticky header sits in a container with an assigned height?
If so place a Box on your canvas with the same height and place adjoining and above your Anchor. Once done move your Anchor tag to the top of the Box container.

This will compensate for your sticky navigation not overlapping.

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Ah, I was setting anchor points through the style setting dialogue on the layout block, I didn’t see that I could place anchors wherever I like! All working now, thanks.

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