Again Troubles with mails

First of all, sorry if this is a silly question, but maybe a problem encountered by others.
So far I had a form on 3 different pages:, Allerbeste Spa-Behandlung in Sarajevo | Online buchen | Amari-Spa, Excellent spa-treatment in Sarajevo | Book online | Amari-Spa.
I have 2 mail-adresses on it. Since a couple of days or maybe weeks the mail address of gmail is not being delivered.
Well today I tried it with another mail-address on it, I loaded it up with Sparkle 5.5.1 and now none of the address are being delivered. Nothing else has been changed.
On the other sites (en {english} and de {german}) still the one address works, but not the gmail address.
Probably I figure out two problems and maybe someone can help.

  1. Gmail does absolutely not accept mails sent from a Server (maybe due to TLS)? This could be a change that has been made by google recently?
  2. Uploading files with Sparkle 5.5 could cause a trouble in sending mails?
    I can really not figure out, why it should not work.
    If someone has a hint… thank in advance

Gmail can be a bit finicky when it comes to its platform being used by server-side form processing scripts. The one thing you could try is sending your form data trough a correctly configured GMAIL SMPT account, using the relevant option in Sparkle. This will effectively be sending the email as if you had typed it yourself in your email client. You should also check your GMAIL spam folder to see if the responses are being sent there as suspected spam. If they are, you should check the header information of the responses to give you some idea of why the messages are being flagged as spam. It may be something to do with some server setting - being unable to identify itself as a credible source for emails.

Do you have access to your domains administration?
You could try to add a DNS-SPF record (Sender Policy Framework).

A Sender Policy Framework (SPF) record is a type of DNS TXT record that lists all servers that are authorized to send emails from a particular domain. With a DNS TXT entry (“text”), a domain administrator can enter any text into the Domain Name System (DNS).

Please don’t ask me about the syntax. Check Google Help and search for SPF record.

Mr. F.

Yes I would add that it is most certainly the changes that Google and Yahoo have made with others to follow.

Google & Yahoo now expects your sending email server (including used domain name) to be authorised through the setting up of your DKIM text record, SPF text record & Reverse DNS (PTR). This is something you will need to discuss with your host if it is not set up…