AI Anleitung AI Instruction


gibt es eine Anleitung für die AI Funktionalität?
Ich meine damit welche Infos die AI braucht um richtig arbeiten zu können.


is there a tutorial for the AI functionality?
I mean what info the AI needs to work properly.


Hello :wave:t2:

The AI is based solely on the three fields to fill in (type of business or activity, name, and language). You can provide additional information in the “type of business or activity” field, in parentheses, for example, with one or two sentences to guide the AI in writing the text or creating a specific page, for instance. For example: Glacier (should include a “news” page, my business is located near Rome).

Customization is limited, and I believe it is not possible to ask the AI to handle colors or design in general, as that is likely managed by Sparkle and not the AI. Duncan can correct me if I’m wrong.