AI-powered website generator

I’ve been trying the AI-powered website generator

Two thoughts:
It seems to take a long time to create what was a 9 page site
Should the creation of the site have included navigation for the pages?
The menu from the hamburger brings up a pop up that does not go away when you click off on the BG page.

I imagine these are teething issues or finger trouble?

I guess in the background AI is learning.
At the moment it is a “first year web designer” (so on its Ls) but I guess with time it will get better at what you are asking it. I’m sure for now it is teething problems but it isn’t going to give you a totally ready made website either, but a solid framework.

Just remember it is also creating you a mobile version of the desktop so it is doing a bit of work to generate the website.


Thank you. I’m sure in the next few days things will become clearer.

We can certainly improve though the generated website is intended as a starting point, not what you’ll publish. The time is just how long openai takes to answer Sparkle’s queries.