Airtable x Sparkle

Hi, has anyone successfully integrated Airtable as a back end / database tool for their Sparkle front end UI? if so can you share how you did it? thank you

That would be an interesting call…

The Sparkle platform isn’t build in such a way to connect to a database or a backend of such.
I see my interaction with the Sparkle app as the CMS/database, although manual in nature but I’m find with that. Sparkle generates the frontend on my command.

ok i understand, thanks for explaining. i was thinking how about if you wanted to build an ecommerce store but needed a database to “hold” all your products, descriptions, pricing, inventory etc. then maybe one can make e-commerce websites for people who don’t want to pay for shopify. i’m not a developer and not interested in this business but maybe there’s a way to integrate airtable. if not now then someday maybe… :grin:

There is so much more involved in having an e-commerce shop, especially the security, in your website plus maintaining it yourself. Unfortunately in our world nothing is for free, but some sort of exchange!

Airtable allows a basic integration into your Sparkle website via an iframe, so you would embed this.
AItable is another one that can do this, but a bit better.

Ecwid is a dream in how it integrates with Sparkle, plus on the free version you have 10 free physical products to play with before any sort of subscription kicks in…