Align photos with text

I am trying to create a list/table of people working in my lab. The idea is to have an image of the person (headshot) with text to the right (a brief bio). I think the ideal way to keep everything aligned would be to have a table with invisible borders, but Sparkle doesn’t do that. I tried typing a column of text (putting a couple of line breaks between each bio) and putting images next to each paragraph (locking the image and using word wrap), but the text alignment changes in different browsers, resulting in text next to an image that doesn’t match. Is there a better way or easier way to do this, so that the image and the text will always align?



I would not do it that way. Use a box with a picture for each employee and another box for the text. You can then arrange these two as you wish and also make a group out of them. Repeat this for each employee.

Sparkle does not support tables in the classic old style.

Mr. F.

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