An area should be updated automatically

Can I do the following with Sparkle:

In a side panel, I’ve included a list of cast members on the left. Information about this actor should be displayed to the right. If you click on another actor, the right pane should be updated.

Many thanks for help!

@giorgino you can use a “normal” or “fixed in window” Popup for this…

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Thanks! I experimented with Popup’s last night. Unfortunately, it’s a little difficult for me to understand what I have to adjust, but I’ll keep trying.


It seems to work that way. Would someone like to check whether everything is set correctly or whether something can be optimized.

Test File for Menue’s with Popup’s

Many thanks

That works well @giorgino for me

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@Gordie Thanks for your feedback

Yep @giorgino that is working as you wanted - well done! :slight_smile:

Unfortunately there is a problem. With 2 actors, I need a scroll bar in the text element that is placed on the popup. I can see the scroll bar in Firefox, but not in Safari. In a normal text element outside of a popup it works under Safari.


I ticked the scrollbar box. It works perfectly with the Firefox browser, but not with the Safari browser. If the text element is placed on a block element, it also works with the Safari browser. If the text element is placed on a popup element, it doesn’t work. Is this perhaps a bug in Sparkle 5?

An example with actor 2

New Test File

Ok @giorgino, I would send you project to @duncan ( and explain what is going on…

I just reported it. Thanks!


In your Mac settings (not safari) there is a part for the scrollbars:

  • show automatically (depending on mouse or trackpad action)
  • when scrolling
  • always

Did you check that?

Mr. F.

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The setting is “always”.

As written, this is only the case with popups