An assisting Preview QR Code

I would love to see a generated QR Code in the Preview panel so I can scan in the lengthy localhost URL instead of typing it on my tablet or smartphone. From what I have learned I guess it would have to be two QR Codes; one for iOS and one for Android? I’m alway having issues with Android accepting my “computername”.local:14444/ and have to resort to the string of numbers.

I seriously think this would be very helpful. What does everyone else think?

If you have safari with sparkle’s preview open on your Mac, you can use continuity to open the same address on your iphone, very quick.

A QR code would be great in some cases, and I had thought of adding it, but very few android devices seem to have QR code integrated with the camera app like iOS has (I know because my lock screen background has a QR code with my vcard in it, and very seldom android bearing friends manage to open it correctly).

I didn’t know about the additional issue with the computername on android, so I guess the QR code would have to show the IP address.

Yep you are spot on with “continuity” it works great! It is the Android side of things that is at the moment frustrating and more so because I’m testing sites on at least three main Android browsers.

I love how I can use differing macOS bowsers (Brave, Opera, Firefox, Chrome) and continuity will still work on iOS effortlessly! Wish there was a better way with Android.

I have tested it several times and my Android tablet running the latest OS and on the same WiFi just flatly refuses to open the localhost URL with my “computername”! While my macOS and iOS open both, Android only opens the URL with the string of numbers! :frowning:

And does it have a QR code reader integrated in the camera? (though I guess using a separate one would work just as well for a test setup)

No, unfortunately not in the camera. I have a couple of third-party apps that push it onto the browser I request it to open.

Sounds like a good feature. I’ll have to test and see how my Fire tablet handles this,

As a work around just text the URL to your tablet. Thats what I do for odd cases like this when IOS won’t play nice with my Mac.

It’s only shown when you have the preview enabled for the local network, maybe that’s it.