Anchor for e.g. pictures

I would like to link an image with a certain text, for example. In MS Word (for example) there are anchors that attach an image either to a position on the page or to a text or paragraph, so that the position of the image “floats” with the text. I haven’t found anything like that in Sparkle yet.
But it goes further: this anchoring must also work “live”. I use an HTML tag
body {
-webkit-hyphens: auto;
-ms-hyphens: auto;
hyphens: auto
with which I turn on hyphenation for some text on a page. But the hyphenation is only visible when viewing the page in a browser, because it is not displayed in Sparkle. The hyphenation that takes place in the browser may shorten the length of paragraphs by a few lines, and the image previously placed in Sparkle is now no longer where it should be.

Thanks for the suggestion.

Thanks Duncan. Do you see a chance?

I made a page like this to try runaround and hyphenation before, using the same css, but hypenation only worked fine in Safari.

We did already have the anchor attached to an element as a feature on our todo list. I can’t speak to how it will be prioritized vs. other features, so as to when it will be added.

But there’s a hack you can use:

  • enable HTML id customization in the misc section of the site settings
  • add an id to the image, from the bottom of the arrange inspector, say “image”
  • in a button that links to it, set the on click action to external link, and the link text to “#image

The side effect is you won’t get smooth scrolling, but it will link straight to the image regardless of its position.

Hi Seljuk
This looks pretty good! Could you help me with the corresponding sparkling file? That would be great.
Best regards

Hi Thomas,

If you private message your email address, I can send you the Sporkle file.