Anchor points show in different positions

I have several links to page other pages from my home page and in each case I specify to also go to an anchor point which is at the same position on each page i.e 650 px
However on some pages it seems to miss its target and the page position is too high and cuts off some wording!

Any one else seen this behaviour?

So does that mean every text box on every page is also set to a constant position, like 700px?

I’m using 4.1.1 by the way on this site

Attached screenshots show the anchor I’m using for all graphic short cuts on the home page but it goes to a wrong position on each target page. If its calculating using the menu system should this be so?

Means I have to move the anchor to a calculated position which may give problems later on if I change the menu possibly?

Graphic shortcut on home page:

Anchor on the target page:

End result of target page heading:

I had this before and lost track of the end solution!

@rogerb you need to account for the height of your navigation bar…
If you want to land say 20px above the “Boston Studios…” text and your navigation bar is say 70px in height, then you anchor point needs to be 90px above the “Boston Studios…”

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Thanks for reminding me FlaminFig!

I had always assumed that as the navigation system moved with the header that it was actually part of the header - bad assumption!

Have corrected by getting one anchor right and copy/pasting onto all six needed pages, that worked but annoyingly pasting the copied anchor only gives it the default anchor name!

So all’s well that end’s well!

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Your sites really looking great Roger. Way ahead of my level. Nice work!

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