Anchor scaling animations on an object's centre

I have been playing with the scaling animation.
It has lots of potential, but tricky.
For example, to end up here:

I have to place the asset here in my project:

Makes it…challenging to figure out.
If I were any gooid at math, I am sure its half the height of the asset multiplied by the scale amount? no idea.

But one thing that would help was if I could choose where the anchor for the scaling was placed. right now it seems to be bottom up. As opposed to the asset being stalked out or in from its centre. that would be make it much more predictable?

UPDATE - bottom up or top down depending on your choice.

If you know where the animation should end, you swap top with bottom. There is no way to control it 100% because it depends on viewport height (browser window height essentially).

right. like i said, cool…but tricky!