Animated Css3 buttons

Hi, I am struggling to understand how to create an animated css3 button in Sparkle.

For eg: see link below

Hey @vermau, as Sparkle is not a coding environment, there’s no built-in way to do that. If you are comfortable with code you can do that sort of think in an embed element, but it’s kind of its own world, not well integrated with the rest of Sparkle.

Hello Duncan,

I upgraded to Sparkle 3 with the developer tools and I thought that this would be possible with the developer tools. Purchasing developer tools was almost double the price of purchasing the pro upgrade. Can you please advise me what is the use of developer tools then if I can’t use custom code in my website.

@vermau, You can use custom code in a Sparkle site by using the “Embed” element.
You can find out more about it here -

I don’t see any documentation regarding the Developer function, but I do know it is more of an advanced feature for web developers, like injecting PHP and the likes.

The developer tools features are listed here:

Yes you can likely achieve what you are trying to do, but you do need to know web development concepts, we don’t attempt to explain any of it.

Developer options are not intended to turn Sparkle into a developer tool, rather to help developers make advanced integrations.

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Hi, Thanks for the reply. I am trying to use a simple css styling in the tag in Developer Tools. But I believe it is not functioning. Please see the images attached.
It is just a text block and the text is selected as

in Sparkle. The second screenshot is from the preview in the browser.

I’m afraid I have to repeat that while we provide the tools for developers, we don’t have the ability to support code-level questions, or in other words training. You need to know enough about web development to use these tools.

In this case the answer is in something called selector specificity. A quick look at the browser web inspector shows this.

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