Anyone using BRAVE browser for testing?

I just learned of this newer spinoff from Mozilla, now idea what market penetration is but it’s FAST and clean.
Is it worth it to test it for Sparkle or too new to consider it?

@producerguyaz, Yep been using it for a while now and overall a great browser! :slight_smile:

I use several browsers for testing my Sparkle project before launch and Brave is one of them. It also has the ability, like Safari, to view your website in its different breakpoints (aka device)which further helps in testing. So yes, it is worth it for testing Sparkle! :slight_smile:

Ultimately both Microsoft Edge and Brave use the Chrome engine, so there shouldn’t be meaningful differences in rendering or layout.

It’s in my App folder. Hoping to become a cryptocurrency millionaire from it. Hehe.

Good to know Duncan; I’m not a fan of Chrome (and despise Edge, reminds me too much of Microsoft Exploder) but having Brave as a test-bed seems logical.