Asking for "normal-mouseover-active-click states" on buttons

Like I asked for in June 2022 here: Menu with an active state to let users know, where they watch I ask again for better button behaviour so that when the button has reached its target means lead to its target, no matter if the target is another - following page or a target (anchorpoint) on the same page scrolled to - that would be really nice.
I got asked for examples then – well:imkerei hettel and following: unsere hobby-imkerei

This site is still done in muse and right now I recreate it in sparkle, so my question is quite actual :cowboy_hat_face:)

Also: (still done in muse and waiting to be completely new created in sparkle)

and: (here I must do it manually-it is on my timeline)

and: maria-königin-der-engel-muggensturm

where I did it manually.

The same request then is of course with the socalled accordeon – layoutblocks in sparkle where the ±sign (or whatever sign) might be changing to an x-sign (or anything else).
On sparkles own website they used a workaround by using doublesided arrow-signs facing up and down:

How it should be in my opinion: Sachverständiger für Natursteinarbeiten

I wish a happy and healthy new year to all of you out there and keep on working - success to all of you as well with my Kindest Regards,

As far as there are no comments on my wishlist, I want to add that even sparkle websitebuilder-designview has this feature:

Maybe the naming is more like “normal-rollover/mouseover-clicked/active-focus”?

So in the case of sparkle the focus state is “Desktop PC’s”

Thanks in advance and Kind regards,