At complete loss for sanely importing an old website

I’m sure someone has answered this, hoping for a pointer. I imported an old Tripod web site with about 130 pages. The original site was mostly white text on black a background. I don’t know how to get Sparkle to apply sensible defaults to the pages when it imports, and they are almost all coming in with white text on a white background. I’ve searched all over to find a way to assign the same color to every page, but the instructions all imply that I know more than I do. For example they say Sparkle applies a unified color scheme to everything – which is great – but doesn’t really describe how to change that palette in a way that I can understand.

Is there a tutorial, or an “explain like I am five and know nothing about Sparkle” article somewhere I can use?

I think it would be a good idea @ccrayton to mention this to @duncan so that the Import Site function may be tweaked further if you are saying a black background should be on all pages.

To set your page background to black you’ll see you can do that in the right-hand panel under the tab Page. This you will need to do to every page for now as it isn’t a “universal” colour.

Thanks! I was mainly wondering why the documentation says that all pages share the same color palette, yet that does not happen for me. I would assume that I could import, set text to black, and all text on all other pages would also turn black. But that is not my experience. I’m OK if it does not import color, but this is a problem I’ve had since last year, that there does not seem to be a way to set colors across an imported website automatically.

When it comes to text (paragraph) you first need to style it and then assign all your text boxes (paragraph related) to that style. This is also the case for your heading text boxes.

I know we are talking about a lot of text boxes but this will save you immense time when it comes to the mobile 320 device. On your mobile you would select one of your paragraph text boxes increase the font size and then apply changes. That would update all your paragraph text on all pages to the new size.

Hi @ccrayton, welcome and sorry about the trouble.

I’m not sure a “Tripod” website is, if you can provide the URL (here or in email to us at we can look at what the problem with the importer is. The importer is very much a “best effort” kind of tool, that we can improve, it works with maybe 95% of websites out there, but doesn’t necessarily work with 100% of them.

Apologies for the incomplete/unhelpful documentation. There is a learning curve and it might take some time, though clearly we can improve our material.

Hello there. I found my post from last year asking about this issue, I guess I was hoping there would be a solution but I think not. My problem isn’t so much with the importer, I know that I need to do a lot of work to update a site that was originally started in 2003. It imports all of the pages, links and pictures and that has been a godsend for me.

My main issue is that there seems to still be no way to tell Sparkle “Make every page use this background.” I can use styles to fix the text and while it’s a minor pain I only need to do it once, and after that any change I make in one place will propagate everywhere else. But no command to synchronize page backgrounds seems a strange omission on a tool as mature as Sparkle.

Is it still the case that there is no way to apply a background to pages in a batch mode? Is that is true, is it a feature on the roadmap? I had not been able to work on the website for awhile, but when I saw the AI features in the latest version I hoped the batch background was there. There seems to be a number of us who have been asking for it for some time. Am I just missing something?

Thanks for the help and all of your hard work.

May I ask how many pages you have to setup? Because, yes, there’s no global site background (I found nothing about it either - and yes this is “hm”) but on the other hand it is not such a big issue to change it once but of course, 10 pages is nothing to talk about but a hundred pages it might be quite painful.

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Unfortunately for me, it is around 240 pages. :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Have you ever checked this?

d this?

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