Audio Embedding in sparkle

why is MP3 the only format recomended for embedding audio in sparkle ? and why cant I right click to download ? and yes why are all audios only at 70% volume ?
surely there must be more tools for audio ? can we get some groovy new options please ?

@Farknl, Welcome onboard! :slight_smile:

The reason for the MP3 file format being the only one is conveyed by @duncan on his website… “Sparkle only supports mp3 files, because it is the only audio file format that works reliably across web browsers on all platforms.

You can either use text or a button and place it next to the audio file and allow for the audio file to be downloaded by using On Click “Download File” for the rest I’m sure Duncan will tell you more.

Hi Greenskin, thanks for the friendly welcome … and the response , for which Im grateful.:slight_smile:

Audio sounds much better than MP3s in real life … and Im probably not the only audio producer to say …"I hate it ".
I see that it does work across all platforms , but why … because its squashed ?..

Ive just uploaded a 48k wave file with sparkle , and it didnt complain like it does when I try a video it dont like ) … The audio plays well … albeit it stalled once .

I think MP3s may have been useful when were all on "dial up "… but now with super fast web-speeds and HD images why cant we use better quality audio ?
The auto play dilema is understandable … but how does Youtube and Netflixs get all that going and auto playing with just a pass of a mouse … thats not user requested , thats just a “hover” isnt it ?
anyway … I like Sparkle , I can build and check it quickly and get much done , but I hope we dont stop there with its development , other wise Ill have to find a more advanced builder of webpages …and for the price sparkle is pretty good … nearly same as everweb …just different … are they going to add new features or are we done ? cheers

@Farknl, Duncan has made mention several times that Sparkle is far from finished so I am very hopeful of needed features coming to Sparkle 3 in the near future! :slight_smile:

I specialise in web and graphics so I can’t comment on your MP3 inferior take, but like you mentioned all browsers are such that video and audio doesn’t auto start like it use too. Youtube and Netflix are multi-million dollar companies so maybe they have figured something out (within the web standard guidelines not sure) - can’t tell you anymore then that.

Hi @Farknl, mp3 is the unfortunate reality of audio on the internet. You can use uncompressed wav files but as you have noticed they are a much larger download that can occasionally stutter due to the player catching up with the downloaded data.

Auto play works as long as the media is muted, there’s nothing any internet giant can do to bypass that. Clearly an audio player with muted audio is a lot less useful than a video player with muted audio.

We always suggest people use Sparkle for what it is today. We are always working on new versions of Sparkle, more stable and with more features. But if that’s not enough, we don’t want unhappy customers!


Hi Duncan again ,thanks for your response to my intitial audio embedding question …
My problem now is Im listing 18 tracks in wave for my engineer to download to do a mix with,
what is the best way to put them up there so he can clik and download it ?
Ive already FTPd the files to my website ,so i just need to point to them .
Ive made them as a "download file " by making a button
but the options are only store in this document or store in original location …how do I point to a file on my network location like a video file ?
although it works with "store in this document " it seems to load them somewhere ,where ?? Is there a better way for me to do this … thanks again

Just set the button to go to an external link. Put the full url of the audio file on your server. if it’s a file that cannot be opened in a browser then it will download. To make things a little more predicable, it may be worth putting you tracks into zip files and putting those on the server. These will definitely download regardless of the audio format of the files.

How silly of me …the external Link thanks , and zip em up …ok … Im on mac and they re on PC …zip still ok ? thanks for your advice cheers

Zips created on mac or pc will work just fine and are interchangeable so no problems there.