Automatic change in text field height with automatic translations

I have noticed that when a website created with Sparkle is translated automatically, many of the texts are cut off at the bottom and important information can be lost, as is the case with Sparkle’s own website:

This is due to the fact that the length of words differs in different languages.

I don’t know the technical difficulty of doing this, so I put it as a suggestion. Is it possible to give the text block the feature to adapt its size automatically to the text it contains?

It is clear that the best solution is to create a website in the different languages of the target users. The point is that users interested in the products or services of the website may also arrive with other languages that are not covered by the website and who do not know what it is written in. In these cases, the automatic translation of Chrome or Safari is very useful, but if the text becomes longer with the translation, it gets cut off… It becomes something annoying that can drive the potential customer away.


@Saeta, makes a lot of sense…

As things are the text in your example would flow over the top of the paragraph below it which would cause even more issues. The reason for that is the text container has a fixed height like all the other elements making up the web page. For it to work the expanding text box would have to remember the buffer zone between it and the next text box element, and push everything down the page without overlapping any one element.

A have a very good feeling that is where Duncan & Daniele is heading with their Layout Block. As we know already a Layout block can act on the Layout Block below it and push it down the page. Taking it one step further and having the element push within the Layout Block (consequently growing it in height) would solve a lot of what you are requesting here! :slight_smile:


Exactly. I fully understand the problem and the work to be done and I understand that it is possible because it is already done by other web builders.
I imagine it will be a matter of time that’s why I formulate it as a “Christmas wish” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: