Background color

The site I’m working on uses (wants to use) different page color backgrounds as a navigation device. The first module is done. The second module was put in a second section & it’s background color was changed, But when I do that, the background changes in all the pages instead of just the one in the new section Is only one background color allowed?


You can have as many different background colours as you like.

I think what may have happened is this: You changed the colour in the Sparkle colour palette and so all elements that use that colour also changed.

The colour swatches are synchronised. You can find more information in the documentation:

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It turned out that I didn’t realize that when I “edited” the color, it didn’t just change the color on the page, but replaced one of the swatches with that new color. So when I changed the color, it once again changed the swatch & all the pages that used it. Now I know to click on a new swatch every time I want a different color.