Background video autoplay on MacOS Safari


I have a video playing as background (standard mp4, located in server path) that was working just fine on the website, but then just stopped - only on desktop safari. Works fine on iOS, Chrome, etc. It has been working just fine, and now simply won’t auto-play.

Settings are same: Loop, Mute, fixed location, etc. as it always was. I am sure it has to do with some MacOS update. However, upon inspection, it also appears there is some unsupported keyword in an embedded webkit or something? No idea. I have played with all of the Safari settings to allow autoplay under all, or no-sound, or not-at-all conditions, to no apparent effect.

Here’s the live site.

You will see a video fade up from black (it’s in video) so wait a sec. but if you see the play button behind the logo (which cannot tap), then you are seeing what I am seeing. Works fine on other browsers and on mobile.

If anyone can tell me why this all of a sudden stopped playing in the. background on MacOS Safari, I would be in your debt.



Hi @themeworks, video is working fine on my Safari (Sonoma 14.2.1) and is looking good. Perhaps clear the cache in Safari and reboot it. Might help.

Thanks. I gave that a whirl and still not working. I think it has something to do with fetching bytes 1-8 and then rest, some kind of Safari streaming approach that is not working for me. All the settings for mute, play inline, etc. are fine. Works on iOS safari, Firefox, Chrome, etc. I am stumped. Reached out to Duncan.