Balise <strong>


I may have missed the information, but it seems to me that it is impossible with Sparkle to use the balise to help Google understand that certain words are more important than others.

Am I wrong ?

Not really sure what “balise” means, I assume an HTML tag?

While there is a reason for using specific HTML tags, it’s most likely not search engines. They use actual web browser engines to render the text and figure out what is most meaningful, they don’t “skim the surface” of looking at tags. The reason that’s superficial is via CSS you can show/hide/disguise anything, which becomes a way of spamming.

About the only exception to this is the H1 HTML Tag, which you can set in Sparkle.

Yes, sorry, “balise” is the french word for tag, my mistake.
I understand the spam argument, but if I was a robot, I would be happy to find some tag helping me to understand the meaning of a paragraph (like the ‘strong’ tag do), not only the global structure of a paragraph succession (like the H1/2/3 tags do).


While it’s an area we could improve, it’s irrelevant to SEO.

We don’t know that.
We can suppose that everything that help a robot to make a relevant analysis of a text is useful for SEO.

I’m sorry but I’m not aware of any evidence to corroborate that.