Blog Confusion - HELP!

I’ve made a website for a nursery and have linked in their facebook and instagram account, but now they want a blog. I know nothing about blogs, so as they don’t obviously have sparkle, do I get them to create a free blog and then link it to the website? I don’t know how to do that either! Any recommendations for an easy free blog and a few simple tips on how I add it to their website please? Thank you.


Unfortunately, I don’t know of any blog creation services, but there are likely many out there.

As for linking the blog to your site, you could create a subdomain (such as and include this link in your site’s menu, and this link would open in a new tab so as not to lose the visitor.

Hi, There are two ways to handle this.
Easy way #1: have them write the content and email it to you to post on their website with Sparkle. You can call it “Garden Blog”, “Down and Dirty”, or anything you want to name that Sparkle page. No need to make it into an actual blog at all. You could also just name the page “Newsletter” or such.
This avoids the learning curve of both of you learning any blogging platform. Reality check: In my experience, a lot of folks get all excited about writing a blog at first, then tail off quickly with writing it because of other commitments. For you, this is a win, because you won’t have much work to do after a couple of months… :wink:

#2 If they are really all-in on this blog idea, you can set up and then link to a free blog on a Google account. Client must have a Gmail address. Then scroll down in the Google menu to “Blogger” and set up the blog. But emphasize to them that once you set it up, it’s gonna be their baby to maintain. IOW, steer them to my Option#1. It’s so much easier for all concerned. All they have to do is email you and you copy and paste it to post it. Done deal.

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I am having the same questions on how to add a blog to my website.
What is the blog button used for with Sparkle ?
I see it adds a blog page and then we can add articles but they seem unrelated to my webpage.
How do I link my blog to my main webpage with a button or something else ???
It would be nice if the developper put a step by step on how to use the blog option.

Thank you

When clicking on the Sparkle blog button (give it a try to find out0 it generates a blog-like template which becomes part of your website, not seperate.

You can also have your Sparkle blog as the primary page of your website.
Or you can have buttons or images from the home page directed to your blog post(s0 that you have create.


Why is the movie “Groundhog Day” playing in my mind’s eye right now?

Mr. F.

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I tried that and the blog does appear under my other pages but when the site is exported there are no links to the blog page. It’s living in it’s own space with no link to the website.
I am obviously missing something.

Macmancape #1 solution is probably the best for now.


What are we talking about?
Links to the Blog Index or from the Index back to the homepage?
Link from a Blog Post Page to where?

Mr. F.

Both actually.
There are no links to the Blog page and on the Blog index page there are no links to the homepage.

Probably something I am missing but I have no idea what…
In any case I am making another page with a link and putting my blog post on there.
Fairly simple.

The links do not happen automatically. And without seeing your work, a lot of it is just guesswork.

Do you have a menu on the website? Then consider the Blog Index page as a regular page and add a link in the menu pointing to it.

All other links you have to add by hand as well.

That’s what I am doing.
Added by hand.

I can only agree with that. A blog is like a Tamagotchi (maybe one or the other still remembers it): You have to feed it constantly (write posts) or it will die.

Mr. F.


This is more about having the blog appear in the main menu than whether to have a “real blog” or just a page that one hopes to have wither and die a slow, lingering death.

I have my blog in a sub-menu and also made a “menu as a popup” so it is easier for the user to scroll down my long, long menu. Before there was a problem where people either couldn’t scroll down past a certain point or had the menu disappear when they tried getting to the lowest items (on a phone or a tablet).

There is another thread that explains this here:

And a great example of such a “menu as a popup” here:
(either view on a portrait phone or narrow your desktop widow so the popup menu appears).
In their website the popup menu appears automatically; on my website I have a hamburger icon one clicks for the popup to appear


PS I really do mean to create some more blog articles…one a these fine days

Hello Annie,
I’m not 100% sure (far from my computer here) but I think I just pasted my w :innocent:rdpress adress in an html snipet ofna dedicated page of my sparklewebsite and it worked.

Well may be it’s not a codesafe way,
And may be I’m all wrong but I think it was that simple.

Best regardz

(And sorry for my bad english)