Blog discrepancy in documentation


I am trying to understand how a blog is structured and how it works. The documentation writes:
“More ‍recent ‍posts ‍appear ‍first.” That’s what i want to see.

Further down in the text there is also:
“‍If ‍you ‍already ‍have ‍blog ‍posts ‍and ‍want ‍to ‍add ‍another ‍one ‍in ‍a ‍similar ‍style, ‍consider ‍duplicating ‍an ‍existing ‍post, ‍to ‍preserve ‍layout ‍and ‍formatting.” I do so to save time and have the same layout in all blog posts.

But this new blog page does not appear first, it is added to the end in the blog index. Not good.
I can not rearrange this order. Please fix this.

Mr. F.


Did you change the date of the post?

I did not change the date. OK, that fixes the order when you have 1 post per day. For 2 or more post a day “most recent” is the last one for me, what is added to the end.
Should i add time as well (to the date)?

Other question: can a blog live in its own folder? When i want to go to page 2 from the index page, i have an error “page not found”. Solved: It was a cache problen. No worries!

Mr. F.

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Yes, I also change the time. I moved my manual blog over the other day to Sparkle that had a number of posts and just changed the dates and times and it was all in order.

Each of my blog posts lives in its own folder so that the url looks neat but I haven’t tried it for the blog index page. Perhaps someone can chime in here as I’d like to know that too.