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I have a site where I’d like to have multiple blocks managed by several people around the country. Is there a tool to add or edit a blog entry like squarespace has. SquareSpace has become the new WordPress.

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Hi Kingsie,

that here: LINK would do that what you’re looking for and its easy to embed in Sparkle.


Are you serious Michael? 468 $ US for a standard annual fee?
I’m sure all this subscription models (i.e monthly ones) will kill partially software branch one day. You have asked and I suggested a solution you didn’t mention the price.
Need to say DropInBlog is a top-notch software and when you use google all similar software have the same around mark price.
Subscription models will be obsolete one day for another pay model, when you look 30 years back, I believe it’s not getting cheaper or will change dramatically.

Would something like this be of any use? click_here

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