Blog import tips

I have a client with a recipe blog of 120 pages. I want to import it into Sparkle as a blog. Any tips on how best to do this?
I know that Sparkle recently added blog capabilities, but I have no experience with blogs and would like a few pointers to get off on the right foot when I bring this over from Wordpress into Sparkle.
Thanks in advance.
PS - The site is

@macmancape Importing a blog, from my experience, into Sparkle is not doable. I can individually download all pages but they are not grouped into a blog.

I think the best way is set up your blog pages, aka the index and the blog post, is once you have them the way you want it and in place, then it is the matter of copy and paste…

Thanks Greenskin!
That’s what I sorta thought.
This client’s got 120 pages in Wordpress and I’m going to tell him it’ll have to stay that way. It’s a beast I do not want to poke! Plus, he’s used to it and not a flexible sort of man, especially with technology. I’m sure you’ve encountered similar people who know only how to do one thing and are afraid to try anything new.