Blog-Maker with Sparkle App

Blog-Maker is a demo of what could be for those who are NOT pros.

Waiting and hoping on v. 3.

Joseph O’Laughlin

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@jol, I’m feeling good about Sparkle3 but we will have to wait and see! :slight_smile:

Have you tried something like this with your blog concept?..

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Very nifty what you have done there! And I am waiting and hoping too. If v3 doesn’t have a blog component, I am actually looking at installing something like this: I’ve mentioned before, but my personal blog is currently using WP. It’s too tricky to use however and I think I can make an even better looking blog using Sparkle. I have a little bookshop on my blog too, using an app, and updating that is a pain. In Sparkle, it would take two seconds and look better too.