BLOG TUTORIAL- am looking for a video explaining how to set up blogs in Sparkle

I am looking for a video explaining how to set up blogs in Sparkle. Do you know where I can find one?

Hi Peter C.

Welcome to Sparkle :grin:

This video is not only about a blog, but shows how to start:
Check from 6:20

Mr. F.

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There is practically nothing on this video about blogs. My experience is, I create a blog page as one of the pages of my site. Then, it is there once I upload the site but it is dead, not interactive. It will not take posts to react in any way.

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I’m not surprised. The blog is not intended to be interactive. All posts must be written and published by you.

I also have no clue about how that blog feature can work for me.

Creating a website which is already online ( the client asks if she can do a feature like testimonials as a blog in the near future. Is is possible to add a post in sparkle only? Or can she add a post in a different way? I know–dumb questions …
I also see in that tutorial something about a RSS Feed? All this might be quite obvious for bloggers, I am not a blogger at all and asking as kindly as possible what to do. Also the documentation does not really help at least it does not help me.

I always thought that blogs work without the special website software?
So how does this work with that RSS?

Thanks in advance and Kind Regards,

Hi Uwe.

Yes, as i wrote just above your question.

The RSS view of a blog post can be seen as a brief summary. This is what you will see in the Blog Index (instead of the full post). It can be designed any way you like it. There are a couple of threads here about this.

Mr. F.

you wanna have a look on this link:
There is at the right hand top corner a blog tutorial video.
I hope that helps you.