Blogging using Sparkle


I am interested in porting my blog pages over to Sparkle. Does Sparkle have an auto blogging feature or do I have to create the index pages manually? TIA


We don’t currently have anything automated. For the Sparkle blog we do exactly that, add a new article and manually update an index page.


Duncan what would be the correct workflow in this case? I’ve always thought that when you make changes to the site you have to export everything again but if I change only one page, can I upload to the server only that or should I always upload the whole site again? From what you write I think it is only possible to load the page concerned, or am I wrong?


You should let Sparkle deal with publishing only changes, that’s a separate topic of some complexity, but Sparkle does the right thing.

So as mentioned. We add a new article and manually update the index page.