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Hello everyone.

I am feverishly crafting my first blog site on the decarbonization of our energy supply (aka Net Zero) and I am wondering how other bloggers using Sparkle deal with not having the ability to tag their content.

For those unfamiliar with tagging, think of it as a way to organize blog posts into virtual folders - but not on a one-on-one basis. Meaning, I can tag a blog post with multiple tags. Let me give an analogy. In a paper filing system, a piece of paper can only go into one folder. The same content can go into multiple folders only if the paper the content is stored on is duplicated.

The issue with the manual paper scheme and multiple folders is version control. If you change the content, you must change it on the duplicate too. Tags eliminates this issue. If I have a blog post that pertains to two topics - say wind and solar power, I tag it with two tags - Wind for one tag and Solar for the other tag. In return, if I look for all content associated with Solar, the blog post comes up. If I look for all content associated with Wind, the same content is seen - not a duplicate.

So, how are you bloggers out there dealing with organizing and presenting your blog posts?

My goal is to offer site visitors with seeing blog posting catalogs by topics. This is done with Sparkle’s Index pages. In addition, Sparkle offers having multiple blog posting collections with each producing their own index (aka catalog). That’s great if my blog posts have a one-to-one relationship between the blog posting’s topic and collection. In my case, it is likely that my blog postings can be assigned to multiple collections.

The only way that I can think of offering multiple catalogs is by duplicating the blog posting. While far from ideal, I don’t see me updating a blog post too often which means once I create a blog post, I am duplicating it one time.

Before I go down this path, are there other approaches others are taking with this issue?

Thanks in advance for sharing.

-DaverD (under construction)

Love your theme from one ethical sustainable vendor to another! :slight_smile:

The Sparkle blog is still in its very early stages so I’m sure that more is to come. The big trick is that Sparkle is a no-code based design platform and “tagging”’ sounds it needs a database behind it that in my books defeats the purpose of what Sparkle is about.

But I wonder if a “flat-file database could work”?

I don’t have enough blog posts to warrant it but my idea is to place relative blog post image links at the bottom of the blog post allowing users to find more posts that are relative to the topic they have just read. Admittingly a bit manual but that is my solution so far…

Hmmmm… @greenskin, you got me thinking of an approach that combines your concept with what I had in mind…

Rather than putting links to specific related blog posts, I am thinking of putting links to the index of the related “subject”. My subjects number about a half dozen and not dynamic over time. This means in addition to links to all the indices via a menu, I can “tag” a blog post with a link, or links (:slight_smile: ), that presents the index page for that subject.

Doing this instead of putting links of specific blog posts eliminates the risk of updating a whole bunch of blog posts based on a new blog post.


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@DaverD , Sounds like that can be your solution! :slight_smile:

I have said it all along that Sparkle is like throwing a full box of lego bricks on the floor… and now go and create… the only thing limiting us is our imagination!