Broken Button - Don't Understand Why

New User, Sparkle 5.2.5, iMac Pro Sonoma 14.3.

Have built one simple website with buttons to take user from one page to another. So far have only previewed the site locally using export to disk and then dragging index.html to a Safari or Firefox window. So far, so good. (Have used the every page gets its own folder with an index.html method.)

Have started on a second website and have only gotten as far as a home page with 1 picture, several text boxes, and one button intended to take the user to an About page. Button does nothing!

Have cleared browser caches, have verified that the properties shown in the rightmost column are the same for the respective Home pages, About pages, and Button parameters.

Spent hours trying to debug without success. Suggestions would be very much appreciated.

Hi @Marty1, welcome.

You mention exporting to disk. Have you set the “Offline compatible” option?

If you haven’t, the files are coded for use on a web server, and won’t work when used offline (i.e. opened from the finder).

Sparkle warns you about this.

Thanks Duncan! That fixed it! My bad for missing it, sorry.